Kiss Cut or Die Cut

As with any custom created piece, decals and stickers, have several different design options. Two often confused features are a “Kiss Cut” and “Die Cut”.

Kiss Cut
Kiss cuts are lighter cuts that only cut through the vinyl decal and not the backing material. Kiss cuts allow you to only cut out the border of the decal while leaving the remaining vinyl material attached to the backing material. This is popular when creating a sticker sheet, cutting out multiple designs on one page or sheet.

Die Cut decal Example


In the example above, the “Kiss Cut” line represents the edge of the decal. The “Die Cut” line represents the edge of the sheet or backing material. This is what will be leftover when the decal is removed.

Die Cut
When a decal is “die cut”, that means that it is cut into a custom shape. During production, our machines cut through the vinyl material and the backing material. A die cut can outline the shape of your design, be as simple as a square or circle, or more unique like a star or the outline of a logo.

Kiss Cut decal Example


In the above example, the “Die Cut” line represents the edge of the decal. To use the decal, you would peel the backing material away to reveal the adhesive back of the decal to adhere to the desired surface.

Lamination is a thin layer of clear vinyl that protects the printed decal and extends its life. Laminations are available in several finishes. The most popular being gloss or matte finish. We recommend adding a laminate to your decal if it will be used outdoors or in areas with lots of exposure to UV light.

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