Caring For Your Fabric Banner

Your fabric banner, like any other cloth material, is subject to dirt and stains. During regular use, it is common to find dirt and the occasional stain on your banner. Below are our suggestions for cleaning your printed fabric banner.

Due to the size of household machines, we do not recommend utilizing your home equipment. During a wash cycle the size of the banner may cause damage to the banner, your washer or both. 

We recommend having your banners professionally cleaned with a mild detergent and then hung to air dry. Do not use any harsh chemical cleaners or solvents as they could damage or remove ink from your banner. 

If your banner has an oil or grease stain, we suggest having a professional cleaner spot clean the affected areas. Again using only a mild detergent, as harsh chemicals may damage the ink. 

Between uses, store your fabric banner, neatly folded and in a dry area. Keep away from liquid and any wet areas.

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