Tariffs Impact on Sign & Graphics Industry

On March 25th, 2018, new tariffs on imported steel and aluminum will go into effect. With the signing of these new tariffs, many products in the sign and graphics industry will be affected. There are many manufactured products in our industry that utilize these materials. The tariff on aluminum will be 10%, and the tariff imposed on steel will be 25%. These tariffs could potentially increase the cost and availability of several items utilized by Decal Impressions and our customers.

As of now Canada and Mexico are exempted from these tariffs, but that could change pending negotiations on NAFTA. The International Sign Association (ISA) states that there could be negative consequences on the sign and graphics industry due to these tariffs. As there could be potential increases, we want to keep you, our valued customer, aware. We will continue to monitor these changes to keep our customers in the loop.

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