Mea Culpa

One of Decal Impressions’ keys to success, are our “Rules of Engagement”. These rules, are our guides and standards to operating a successful business. Our fourth rule, “Hold Yourself and Others Accountable”, challenges us to hold ourselves and our peers to a high standard. Urging us to be responsible for our actions in and out of the shop. This idea of accountability, also means that we as individuals and a company must hold ourselves accountable, especially when mistakes are made.

Although we strive for excellence, especially in our customer service, we sometimes make mistakes. When these instances occur, it is our responsibility, and our duty to the customer, to do everything in our power to correct these actions.

We are very proud of our work, our company and our customers. But we cannot be too proud to admit when we are wrong. These mistakes allow us to learn, to grow and to improve. Not only as individuals, but as an organization. By using these lessons, by owning our mistakes, we hold ourselves accountable to you our customers, to continue providing you with great customer service.

Making Good Impressions for over 50 years!