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"Partnering with Decal Impressions continues to be one of the best decisions our company has made. Everyday, HGC is approached by all types of businesses offering a wide range of services. One can start to get numb. From the outset, Decal Impressions stood out and delivered on their promises. 

Coming from show business and Boca Restaurant Group, I was skeptical that I would get the level of urgency, quality, and attention to detail that I knew was attainable with the right team. Decal Impressions not only delivered - they blew me away and continue to go above and beyond - now years later.

They took the time to grasp HGC's vision while meeting our basic needs. Their creative and operations teams always act fast and meticulously work to get projects right - every time. From branding our vehicles and detailing our corporate offices, to implementing new technologies and crafting visual stories - Decal Impressions is right on time."

- Paul Moran, HGC Construction 

"Apollo Electric could not be happier with Decal Impressions. They understand that providing a dynamic identity for their clients directly reflects their devotion to great products and service."

- Ryan Niles, Apollo Electric Co.

"Excellent products and very well run company. With "Ethics" at the top of the list what would one expect."

- Charles H. Pierce

"This team are great! Talented. Knowledgeable. Creative. Quick. Competitively priced. I highly recommend!"

- Page Helmick, Architects Plus